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Tornado in Massachusetts

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If you're in the Massachusetts area, turn on your emergency radio or local TV now. (5:00pm EDT as I write this)

Very unusual location for tornadoes, hope the lack of experience there does not cause needless injuries/death.

Looks like the same front is going to hit my area in NJ within an hour or so, but so far no huge storms popping up here.
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NYC is on tornado watch until 8 pm.  it got a bit dark here around 4, but now it's normal looking.
Thanks for the heads up Nogdog!

We've had tornadoes in our area in the past, so hopefully everything will be OK. I'm stuck at work right now, but I'll try to Google what's going on. All I can hear outside is rumbling wind, and it's pitch black out, so hopefully it's just a normal thunderstorm.
I'm fine... tornadoes passed to the south of us. If I were still working for the Southbridge News, I'd be in the middle of it. But I'm fine.
Tornado touched in Springfield and now Norwood is in an immediate tornado warning. We don't have a siren system here, but warnings are popping up everywhere (yahoo, aol, etc). I'm leaving Norwood now ... eek!

Be safe everyone! <3
That's different!

To my knowledge no tornados in Oklahoma, but we were "honored" by the news that the boffins have decided our tornado from a week ago was an F5.
The Hooded Claw said:
That's different!

To my knowledge no tornados in Oklahoma, but we were "honored" by the news that the boffins have decided our tornado from a week ago was an F5.
Looks like the storm-chasers are concentrating on Kansas today.
Have another band coming my way now.
It  seems tornados are popping up all over the world where there is no history of such events.  Last year Brooklyn NY had a tornado; also Germany. Neither place had a prior history of tornados.  The world is going through so many catastrophes, with volcanos waking up after lengthy dormant periods, extreme flooding, earthquakes, etc.  You can only wonder why.  It could be caused by warming but it could be caused by other things like drilling deep into the earth's core, setting off atomic blasts underground etc.  It could be that all these things together are undermining the earth's stability.  Maybe the earth could benefit with a few less scientists thinking up new tests to experiment with.
Went into the basement a second time, just in case. Had some heavy rains. Supposedly there was a funnel near the mall, but I'm not too positive.

The Wonder Cat may never speak to me again, though.... put her in her cat carrier to bring her downstairs.
Here's another video from the same place, better quality video,
much better language, just over a minutes worth

I looked at the place, 86 Holland Road, Brimfield MA, on
google maps and the satellite pictures of BEFORE make
the video even more disturbing.
This is exactly why people need to have a three day emergency disaster kit and not become complacent!!!
Please everyone...learn how to protect your family and pets...get the info you need to be prepared.
I have all the FREE info you need on my web site....

After that blink of an's too late.

Do it now!
Mike Cyra

[Mike--instead of sending people to your website, why don't you post the info here... Betsy]
I hope all of you guys are OK out there in Kindleboardland.  Chicago may be under the gun later today.  I am not happy about it.
tsilver said:
It seems tornados are popping up all over the world where there is no history of such events.
Add Northern California to the list! About a week ago our town got hit by actual tornadoes!!! It's not fair. We already have earthquakes. We shouldn't have to deal with both!
I live in downtown Monson, MA and we took a direct hit from the tornado shown in the Brimfield video  shown in the post above. Half a mile from my house there are homes missing and there's even one house that was flipped UPSIDE DOWN!! If you saw the news story of the church that had the whole top taken off, that is about one block away from my house. We were very fortunate and our home has no damage, but there is massive destruction all around us. Most of my family lives here as well and all of us are safe and our homes are in good shape. Will post a link to pictures/video later.
Storms are flying through the Chicago area right now, but nowhere near what the rest of you are having. Hope everyone is safe.
Saw a picture in the paper today at the coffee shop that showed the wall of a brick apartment building completely gone. You could see right into someone's living room. Scary! That's a bit north of where I am, but the storms missed us for the most part.
Yes, a couple of towns were hit hard about an hour or so away from me. Here we got a pretty intense thunderstorm and I went out running in it.
Pictures from immediately after the tornado and some from the day after. The ones I took from the car were taken near my brother's house. All the rest were taken within 1/4 to 1/2 mile of my house

This was taken by someone in town, though I'm not sure of the location

This was taken at the fire station, which is across the street from my house

This was taken from the road behind my house:
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