Is it possible for a cop to find love and enlightenment in a Caribbean shack, a frog living in the toilet tank, while he prepares to be attacked?

Touching Spirits, by KEVIN ROBERT HILL
Price: $1.99
206 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 3 reviews

"If you want to be swept away and delightfully surprised, buy this book! Deep and mysterious characters, thoughtful prose, and a fresh storyline kept my attention. I enjoyed the character development, the travels, and especially the surprises in the middle. Go along for the journey; you will not be disappointed." -- Amazon Reviewer
Can a cop find love in a hut with a palm leaf roof, while he prepares to be attacked?
Something grabs police sergeant Cody Brannon's arm at night. When he leaves for work men follow him.
Cody chooses a Caribbean village as a place to force a confrontation.
But strange Maya follow him the second he arrives. One sits outside his hut at night.
A sacred Mayan codex is stolen as rumors of witchcraft spread.
Bodies turn up in the swamp and Cody is forced to investigate.

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Kevin R. Hill left the US as a young man looking for adventure. He resided in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and Yucatan, where he daily spear fished for meat. His trips led to the publication of travel articles in several countries, and so began his writing career. After years of study and writing practice, Kevin has several books on Kindle and in hard cover form. His blog is available here:

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