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Hey everyone. I recently finished my first novel, Trackback, and uploaded it to the Kindle store:


"Life's stories are like tracks on an album of music. Some are short, others are long; most are only vaguely related, but are most definitely related; many things make them unique, but I guarantee that someone you'll never meet is still out there somewhere singing a similar song."

We all have regrets. But how do you cope with them? Do you strum an old banjo and ad lib a confessional? Do you write down an angry letter that you never get the courage to send? Or do you track back through your memories of those pivotal moments in your life, honestly trying to see where you went wrong? And if you did the latter, did you find what you wanted?

TRACKBACK, a series of interconnected stories plucked from the lives of otherwise unrelated people, is a record of these failures and introspections - a tale of lost love, bad decisions, and unrealized dreams that doubles as a search for answers and for emotional release.

Here is a sample for your viewing pleasure.

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