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Traction on BN Nook/Erotica Romance

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I've recently released my first erotica romance 3-part series. It's doing well on Amazon--I was even in the top 100 erotica writers for a New York minute--but I'm getting no traction on BN/Nook. Personally, I thought it would be the other way around as it seems there's a big erotica/erotica romance Nook fan base. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips how I can increase my Nook sales and/or visibility?  Thanks!
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Yay for success of Amazon!

I haven't made inroads on BN either. Only one of my titles ever has, hitting their HNR last January. And that was totally random.

iTunes has surpassed BN for me, big time.
I get almost no sales on B&N. I'm pretty sure the sales I DO get are people specifically hunting down my books for Nook. Honestly, my second biggest sales source after Amazon is Smashwords, where erotica does very well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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