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Inspired by true events...

In the late 1970’s, when a notorious outlaw responsible for a string of wild and fantastic crimes found himself cornered in the rugged Montana backcountry, he disappeared into a pocket of America where he knew no one would dare follow. A vast stretch of lawless and unforgiving wilderness known for swallowing up all those who enter; a forest that is said to be home to some of the world’s most dangerous recluses.

In the years following, hikers and other trespassers foolish enough to venture near the ill-fated forest continued disappearing at a rate of a few a year, until one day in the early 90’s when a disheveled and bizarre woodsman  in tattered clothing came wandering out, telling an incredible tale of a close-knit band of psychotic hermits, their volatile leader, and the unimaginable behavior they’ve been engaged in while preparing for the end of the world: Armageddon.

Enter two reckless and impulsive 20-year-old young men who’ve just run away from their uneventful lives in New Jersey, hell-bent on finding themselves a real Wild West adventure. Befriended by the strange woodsman, they are soon lured to the remote Montana backcountry with the promise of cheap land, unsurpassed beauty, and the chance to encounter a clan of forgotten Americans never before seen by the outside world.  If the boys will only agree to take him there, they are guaranteed to return with a story for the ages.

But from the moment the trio leave civilization and head further and further north, things begin to go terribly wrong. Their vehicle dies and they’re forced to abandon it, heading deeper into the frozen forest on foot, following a man they soon realize is mad, and knowing that he is their only chance for survival. But soon others turn up, and before they know it the two young men find themselves face to face with the long lost outlaw and his explosive posse, his beautiful young scheming wife and her dark secret, and their unimaginable life-threatening ultimatum.

Take a ride where few have been and follow this journey based on true events as two boys enter one of the most remote forests in the world and suddenly realize there are people in there, many of whom have gone Backcountry Psycho.

Backcountry Psycho is a fast-paced, 70,000 word, professionally edited novel based on true events. I would be happy to send you a few chapters or the complete manuscript for your review.

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Hi, Patrick,

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