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In our Let's Talk Kindle board, our members speculate on the Amazon press briefing on September 6th. We'll be all-hands-on-deck on the 6th, with a forum thread following the announcements live and capturing your comments and reactions. Our chat rooms will be open, too. KindleBoards will be the place to be on announcement day!

Also in LTK, our Thank a Teacher giveaway is getting a good response, with members submitting sweet and heartfelt thank-you notes to their past teachers. In a few days we're going to randomly select three of them to receive their choice of Pad and Quill Kindle covers! See the entries, and enter, at this link!

In the Accessories Board, member JimC1946 is not easily impressed... but writes about an interesting bundle of accessories for Kindle Fire. The pack includes twelve items, including a synthetic leather zipper jacket, retractable USB charger, Aux cable, stylus, and screen protectors... for $18.99. It's in-stock now on Amazon.

In our Writer's Cafe, don't miss our 9 essential tips for authors, as well as a free author promo that ends on August 31st. The Cafe is full of writing and marketing tips for authors. Drop in and browse along with our authors!

In other posts, a Kindle owner meet-up in Dallas was successful, and our popular 25 Random Things About You thread is now approaching 1,000 posts. It's one of my favorite Not Quite Kindle threads!

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