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True Story - "Holding On For Dear Life"

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To give you some background about my book, I'll start from the very beginning in June 2008.

My fiance (Julie) and I were exactly 3 weeks away from our wedding day when I received a phone call that change our lives forever.

Julie had left the house early one Saturday morning to meet up with friends in Doncaster (West Yorkshire, UK). I stayed at home to tidy up the last few bits in preparation for the big day. Then the phone rang.

It was one of our friends. Julie had been taken ill and was on her way to hospital, I was told it was nothing to worry about, but I should set off for the hospital.

Within the next few hours I was being told that Julie had suffered a Stroke (brain hemorrhage) and her chances of survival were pretty slim.

After several scans and numerous discussions, she was transferred to a specialist neurological ward in another hospital 15 miles away. Upon arrival, the surgeons operated and did their best to relieve the pressure inside her brain.

When she arrived in Intensive Care, her surgeon told me to cancel the wedding. The day had turned into a complete and utter nightmare.

During the next few hours/days my mobile (cell) went into overdrive with family and friends wanting to know why this had happened and how quick she was going to recover. With such a vast amount of people wanting information I turned to emails and online forums where I posted regular updates which I called "Julie's Update".

For me, these updates were at first just nervous energy, words I had to get out as quickly as possible. Over time, "Julie's Update" became an integral part of both Julie's and my own coping mechanism.

Many people have suggested turning these updates into book, but I've never taken these compliments too seriously.

However, after 4 years, I am now proud to say that "Julie's Update" has been placed into eBook titled "Holding On For Dear Life". it may not be as well written as other books, but it's all me and all true.

I do hope you enjoy.

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