Middle-schoolers, teens, and older readers will enjoy this very highly-rated Sci-Fi novel, the first in the Truesight trilogy of books. The price has been reduced, for this weekend only, to 99 cents - so get your copy today!

Truesight is an amazing Sci-Fi fictional book. The story begins with Jacob, a 13-year-old boy who is blind. He lives in a town full of blind people. They fear the seers (people who can see) because they are different. They use a machine called a truesight. They give off a pitch that people use to find where they're going and where people are. Jacob starts to get major headachs that affect his eyes. When he figures out that he is getting sight, he freaks out. Trying to act natural, he has to figure out a plan on what to do. Amazing! -- Amazon reviewer
Truesight (Truesight Trilogy), by David Stahler Jr.

On a distant frontier world where genetic engineering has taken a startling turn is a community called Harmony. Like everyone who lives there, Jacob is blind...

Everyone in Jacob's colony is born blind. It has always been this way. They embrace the philosophy of Truesight: Blindness brings unity, purity, and freedom. It is an exceptional community. Everyone is happy.

As Jacob nears his thirteenth birthday, he anxiously anticipates his new role as an adult and all the changes that will bring. But as the day approaches, a far greater change threatens Jacob's future. It all starts with a searing pain in his eyes ...

This is the first book of David Stahler Jr.'s gripping Truesight trilogy.

"Stahler's powerful debut novel is two parts science-fiction thriller and one part cautionary fable about the dangers of fundamentalism. ...Supple writing and unusual twists should keep readers firmly hooked." --Publishers Weekly

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A fourth generation Vermonter, David Stahler Jr. lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where he writes and teaches English at his alma mater, Lyndon Institute, an independent high school in Lyndon Center, VT. He graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in English in 1994 and received his MA from Dartmouth College in 2001.

An author of YA Fiction across a variety of genres with an emphasis on the unusual, his books include the Truesight Trilogy (a science fiction series with a dystopian bent), as well as the supernatural novels *Doppelganger *and* A Gathering of Shades*, all published by HarperCollins. His latest work, *Spinning Out, *published by Chronicle Books, was a Kindle 100 selection for May 2012 and a Kindle Daily Deal selection for September 29, 2012.

His work has received numerous accolades--including a Best Book Award from the American Library Association, Le Prix Farniente, and numerous state reading list awards--and has been translated into French, Italian, and Chinese. You can learn more about him at The Accidental Novelist (http://davidstahlerjr.com).

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