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If you're going to start a grog (group blog):

1) Have some kind of schedule or metric to make sure everyone is pulling his or her weight. Consider two tiers of contributors, staff and guest, so that authors with varying levels of commitment can be featured, but no one gets angry when authors with bigger platforms magically drop off the face of the planet 4 weeks after launch because they're busy with their careers. You need a good mix of newbies (high enthusiasm) and old salts (high experience), and not be afraid to change out the batting line up when you need to.

2) Have a backdoor channel for discussion that is NOT email. There is nothing on earth worse than an email chain with 40 people CC'd. Seriously. One grog I am a member of uses a Facebook group (private).

3) Don't let authors email you the post, make them use Wordpress or whatever CMS or blogging software you are using to post it themselves.

4) Consider letting members of the group contribute the best ways they can. For example, in Indie Chicks, we have some members that are all-stars at social media and they broadcast everything, others are blog post writers extraordinaire etc. Let people bring their best talents to the table.

5) Consider delegating some of the cheerleading leadership roles. Keeping a GROG going is tough, you need a few lieutenants that can help you raise morale and keep the truck going. Leading a bunch of volunteers, which is what a grog mostly is, takes a different kind of leadership than "Do it or get kicked out." Trust me, there is nothing pretty about a grog breaking up over drama and it only ends in a bunch of nasty viral posts, one-star reviews, and broken hearts.

6) Audience, audience, audience. If your audience is other authors, by all means, write all day long about the process of writing. If you want actual readers, be interesting. Humor, instructional guides, news commentary, etc. are all far better than "How I get into the mindset of my character..."

7) Read up on running a blog if you've never done one before. It takes TIME to build traffic, SEO is important, and there are other practices you can employ to help grow your ORGANIC traffic a little faster. Don't buy programs that will sell you link backs etc. But reading a few blogging resources will save you from a climb that's 80 degrees instead of a more gentle 30 degree incline.
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