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I've had a frustrating experience asking, repeatedly, for Google to remove my books from the Google Book Search program, with the help of which my books can pretty much be fully read by using different search terms, and I thus lose potential sales.

I wrote to the Google Books Partner program, but they are just giving me the run around with a form letter response. Here's an extract from my email:

I was really surprised, disturbed, and distressed to see that Google Books is still having my books available on the web for free web search, thus causing me loss of income from purchase of my books. If my entire book can be read and searched with Google Book Search, why would anyone buy it?

Here are the links:

I also attach screen shots saved as PNG files though i don't know if the email will accept attachments.
[end of quote]

That was the email for "The Killing of an Author." I also sent a separate one regarding "Impressing the Whites."

Can anyone suggest a way to contact the Book Search program directly to stop the book search and perhaps even to ask for compensation for lost sales?

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