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Javier Gimenez Sasieta said:

I reveive many good reviews, and few bad ones. But the last review is different. Do you think it can be considered as unappropiate? Or not?

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I feel Cheated

Honestly, these are the types of books with a nice cover and with a history that seems original, but unfortunately, when you finish reading it -forced, because you paid for it- it bothers you, and you feel cheated. I don´t recommend it.

I accept to receive bad reviews, but accusing me of Fraud, or to scam people... it´s not a literary review, but a personal accusation.

What do you think?
It's an expression we use in Spanish which means "I feel gypped." I said that when I saw "the lion king" which everybody loved and I hated. I used it because it cost me a lot of money and it just wasn't worth it. Your book must have cost a fraction of that so it was very spiteful on his part. I hate to tell you this but he hated your book, he didn't mean you're a fraud or that you scammed him, he simply hated the book and felt it wasn't worth his time. Let it go and don't dwell on it, you're not going to please everyone. You do the best job you can do but reading is very subjective and one's man's poison is another's delight, remember that. So chin up and grow another layer of skin as the other writer so aptly put it.
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