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Javier Gimenez Sasieta said:
Ok, thanks guys for your opinions. I believed it breaked the review guidelines:

Objectionable material:
• Profanity or spiteful remarks

Now I see you have a different opinion. It´s good to have different points of view!

I won´t do anything.

Thanks for your support,

I agree that you probably should let it go, but I also understand the "dual" meanings--where one is a literal translation and the other is a swear or slang word. This happens a lot in any community where there are two languages. Where I grew up, it was common practice to call someone "a little goat" -Literal- in Spanish. BUT. It really meant something much nastier. It is all in the intent of the words, isn't it?

The good news is that the extremely negative connotation will not be understood by many readers. So while it isn't a nice review, using curse words in such a public forum almost always makes the person USING THEM look bad. It reflects poorly on the person who wrote the review, not you.
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