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Under False Pretenses - Suspense - Free!

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Free for download Thursday and Friday, Aug. 6-7!

Hi there. If you're looking for a suspenseful novel, the Kindle edition of my novel Under False Pretenses is available on Amazon. Here's the sales pitch:

"Everything the young lady does tells us she's in on it. No one is going to get away with stealing money from us. Especially this much. She's no kid just sittin' around his house like she knows nothing. She knows where that creep is and ain't telling or has a clue that can help us. And you get to be the hero. You go in that house and make her trust you, and sweet-talk it out of her -- or beat it out of her. If word hits the streets and we can't catch him, we're dead. Do what you have to do. Just don't let her know who we really are."

It's the present day, and mafia organizations aren't what they used to be. When Jason Campala, the gone-straight progeny of a Philadelphia mob group's leadership, confirms that millions of dollars have been embezzled, the mobsters embark on a frantic search for the suspect -- fully aware that their survival depends on finding the thief. As the search becomes desperate, they narrow their focus to Deirdre Hansen, a college student off to a bumpy start on her summer house-sitting at a mansion in a swanky part of town. The mob's last hope: sending in a young man to seduce her and get the information they need.

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Coming down to the last few days before the print edition is ready. Meanwhile, the Kindle version is posted and ready for download!
So how did you spend your last summer of college? Did you have to work? Maybe you had to take summer classes so you could get on track to graduate the following year? Or did you get time off to relax in the limited time you had left before entering the real world? In UNDER FALSE PRETENSES, Deirdre Hansen gets the opportunity of a lifetime. It would be the summer to end all summers.
Under False Pretenses is FREE to download Thursday and Friday, Aug. 6-7. Have at it!
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