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To the moderators… I honestly think this is appropriate (borderline) because it applies to all of us who use the Kindle app on smartphones (in addition to our stand alone Kindles. I might have a Kindle problem...) It’s not my intent to spam this forum which I’ve gotten great information from in the past.  If you disagree and want to take down this post, I understand and will feel the necessary shame.

I just switched my cell phone service to Solavei who is partnered with the T-Mobile network. $49 a month for unlimited talk/text/data that is unthrottled for the first 4GB. The added twist with them is they are skipping all traditional advertising by having customers act as affiliates. They will pay you $20 for every three people you sign up on a recurring monthly basis as long as the people you signed up are still customers. It's their plan to spread by word of mouth, and through the social networks – hence this post. My affiliate link:

There's a little more upfront cost because you buy your own phone, but in the long run it's a ton less expensive than comparable two year contracts. You can bring any unlocked GSM phone, or buy theirs. Some GSM carriers will unlock phones that have fulfilled their contract if you call and request it. I went with the Google Nexus 4.

I truly believe this is a good enough deal to be worth passing on even if you never sign anyone up. It’s a better deal, and maybe even a money maker,  if you’re the type of go-getter who will sign people up.

As a side note, the do run different starting sign up promotions so it's worth checking periodically if their current offer isn't good for your situation.
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