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Updating a perma-free ebook on Amazon?

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Has anyone had success updating a price matched "perma free" ebook on Amazon?

I wonder...  if you get to the stage where your ebook is successfully set to free - what happens if you update the content of the ebook?  Would you have
to start the process all over, or does it stay free?
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It's been talked about. Most found they were price matched to free again instantly without trouble. But one or two did get put back to the regular price.

I haven't touched mine since it was price matched, although I noticed three "sales" in addition to the free units price matched in my KDP report this month. Not sure how that is happening. I'm seeing one every two days.
Unless its a VERY important change, I would not chance it. Amazon does things with no logic sometimes. It took me Forever to go perma free. I'm not changing a thing. IMHO
Oh dear, I just had one come off free after I made a price change.

But, then again, the perma-free wasn't actually doing anything, so maybe this is fine. I always feel bad for the reader, if it's on another venue for less. Yet I also feel happy they liked my book enough to pay dollars for it.  :D

I wouldn't recommend touching the book, though, if you don't feel the same way.
I've updated the product description with no problem whatsoever (not even a blip of time in which it wasn't price-matched) but I haven't tried updating the content of the book. Unless it's a MAJOR change, I wouldn't try it.
Amazon is a fickle beast.... but just to add my experience, I am perma free on 2 books, the first in each series I have published, and I have uploaded adjusted content including adding chapter headings and a TOC, adjusted covers, changed the information at the end of my book to include updated website info, changed my tags and description, etc, and have had no problems so far with them taking it off perma free. I did not adjust the pricing in any way, only the content.

That said, I repeat myself... Amazon is a fickle beast and you just never know...
I've changed everything (cover, content, description, etc.) except price, and it's stayed free.

Knock on wood.
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