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Uploading directly to google books... WTH?

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Trying to get into the google books site... confusing as hell. For example-

-says I don't need an ISBN but won't take it without one

-no option to include a cover image

-no option to set sample percentage

Is it just me or is the site user unfriendly?
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It sucks. I've tried a few times, each time forgetting the previous torture before giving up again.
Hopeless. They make Smashwords look logical. I gave up on Google long go.
Well this is a depressing thread!

I've been trying to upload and figure Google out for ages now. I can't use their uploader program (won't load/work). I uploaded a single file some weeks ago - it hasn't appeared yet. I've combed through every single help page I can find and cannot find an answer to the ISBN problem. My upload stops on that point - I don't have an ISBN.

Has a single person on KB ever done it?
I had tried Google books some time ago and gave it up as an exercise in madness. Have recently been contemplating trying again, but this thread is telling me perhaps my time would be best spent elsewhere.
I managed about a year ago, using Smashwords ISBN because I didn't know any better. I have two or three titles self pub there and have not had a sale, nor do I know how to alter them. I figured I'd give them time to fix their system, but it seems like it hasn't changed any.
I began using Booktango as of a couple days ago to get on Google Play, since the whole interface for Google Books was getting on my nerves. So far, two of my novels have appeared on the site since I uploaded late last week.
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