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Urgent HELP!!! Need advice on my new book's categories on Kindle

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Happy New Year all!
Later today, I am releasing my new metaphysical YA fantasy, THE EARTH SHIFTER.
I know how important categories are to book sales and I urgently need help selecting the two best Kindle categories!

There is a strong historical element in the book, including the 1908 Tunguska Meteorite explosion.
However, most action takes place in the present.
There is a strong metaphysical/paranormal/spiritual undercurrent.
There is also a geopolitical/spy thriller element.
The book is a true YA crossover, suitable for teen through adult readers.

The book BLURB:

Mankind would never know how close it came to annihilation on June 30, 1908.
Somewhere in the murky depths of the Cosmos, the Comet of Karma is born.
When all hope fades, it is sent to planet Earth, its sole mission to wipe out a failing civilization.
It has happened before, and it can happen again.
Except this time, the Earth Keepers would not interfere.

The Comet of Karma tasked with destroying a failing civilization…

The Earth Keepers endowed with supreme powers over the planet and agonizing over the ultimate decision…

The Protectors risking their lives to keep the world intact…

A beautiful brunette with hidden agenda, who is infinitely more than anyone knows…

Two ambitious and unscrupulous men, who'll stop at nothing…

Global secret society bent on usurping power on Earth…

A woman, ready to betray in order to save her son…

Old spy organization with a secret human weapon…

The Shifters, with power over mind, matter, time and space…

And three teenagers, two of whom are destined to become mankind's salvation-the all-powerful KEY of DESTINY.
They will open a new era for Humanity, if they succeed in keeping their souls uncorrupted…
and if they manage to come together before it's too late…

To help you make up your mind, here is more about THE EARTH SHIFTER, incl. stats/characters/setting/excerpts galore:

These are the potentially suitable categories:
1. fiction - fantasy - historical
2. fiction - fantasy - contemporary
3. juvenile fiction - fantasy
4. fiction - visionary/metaphysical
5. thrillers

As you see, I have 5 potentially viable categories, and I am torn!

Please help me chose the best 2! Thank you very much!

By the way, I will also have a mega-giveaway, including ARCHOS 8o G9 Tablet! It starts the New Year's night - check it out at
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Welcome to KindleBoards, and congratulations on the book! :)

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