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US Kindle as a Gift to a Canadian

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Apologies if this gets complicated.

I live in the USA
My mom lives in Canada
I want to order a Kindle through my US Amazon account and send it to her in Canada so that she can purchase books on my US Amazon account and I pay for them.

1. Will her Canadian IP address block her from buying books on or does she have to buy them from
2. If the answer to 1 is yes
a) will books purchased on be billed to me on because that's where the Kindle is registered?
b) should I just setup account to use my US credit card?
3. [and I think I already know the answer to this but double checking] Will the Kindle state "Noctis's Kindle" or can I change that display name?

That gets those questions out of the way, and I did notice an anomaly with the website when ordering a Kindle for a foreign country - it does not list Canada as an option for the power cord and yet when I called Amazon they were pretty strict that I had to get the "Canadian" power cord (beyond certification there's no power difference for North America). Whatever, USB is fine, just confusing.

Thanks to any who can help clear this up, I'd like to get this purchased and sent before the postal strike and in time for her birthday late June.
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I can answer some of your questions, but not all. I recently bought a Kindle for a Canadian friend. I am in the US, she's in London, Ontario.

I wanted to order the cheap special offers Kindle but I couldn't. That's a US only option. So I went with the Wifi version for $139. I had to pay shipping plus a customs fee, so the total came out to ~$176.

I sent it as a gift so it wasn't registered to my account. I assume she's registered it to hers. I have no idea if she can buy books from US Amazon or only the Canadian Amazon. Be aware that a person can buy books from lots of different sources and I think that many non-US customers do that because Amazon tacks on various fees and charges and so on, which can get pricey.

There was no mention at all about a Canadian plug.

Maybe just download the free app for her computer?

Mike Cyra
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