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US price matching, UK not?

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I apologize if this post is in the wrong place.

I have noticed that the US Kindle store is still price matching my free titles but the UK store no longer is for any of my free titles. I am wondering if others have had this happen to them, and if this is a first step in some kind of larger push away from price matching. (At least in the UK market). For me this has crushed me, since the UK Kindle, is the only market where I've had any real success and it has been disheartening to watch it evaporate seemingly over night, all over 1.8 quid.

If anyone here is willing to help me report to Amazon that there are lower prices available elsewhere for my main title, I would be extremely appreciative. If you're interested in helping me, I've included the links below.

I'm also keenly interested in hearing from others if they've experienced the same thing with the UK Kindle store and whether or not this might be some kind of larger effort on the part of Amazon to get away from price matching books. Thoughts?

Here are the links for anyone who wants to help me:

The Phoenix Conspiracy:

Available Free from the following:


Nook UK:

Nook (in general, US?):


Thanks again to anyone who is willing to help me by reporting to Amazon "tell us about a lower price". I sincerely appreciate it.
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Mine isn't price matched to free in the UK either. :(
Mine went free in the US but it took several weeks before UK price matched. They ran at free for a couple weeks, then back at $1.99 for a week before it went free again. I don't even try to understand.
I've got the same problem with the first part of my eRom. They price matched it for the US very promptly, but it's still got a price tag in the UK store. :(
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