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Using InDesign For Paperback, but what about the margins?

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I am going to use InDesign for creating paperback for Createspace. I am going for the 5.06 x 7.81 trim size for the paper, but not sure about the margins. Should I use the ones that are in the word document template that Createspace has, or do they have an InDesign Template?

They are -
Top: 1.93cm
Bottom: 1.93cm
Inside: 1.93cm
Outside: 1.52cm
Gutter: .36cm

I know I can have whatever I want, but want to know what other people have done, so please comment :)
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Your inner margin depends on the number of pages in the book. Createspace has guidelines. Your top and outer margins can (and probably should) be less than the bottom and inside margin. You don't need to worry about a gutter unless you use columns (and you shouldn't in fiction).
I believe they have an inDesign template, but I use that size book and generally have a half an inch on the outer margins with around 1.75 of an inch total for the center or .875 of an inch on the inside margin for each page. It looks perfect on my books when printed, and I now use these measurements for a template. I'm not sure how I came up with these margins though. It may have been the inDesign template from CS or from their help page, I'm not sure. Also, this link may help you.

*Edited for typos and to clarify my terrible explanation.
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