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Vagabond Press Call for Submissions

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This e-zine is available on Kindle for .99. I have had a few stories published with them. Great journal.

VBP New Releases, A Note for Book Reviewers, Calls for Submissions

Happy Summer!

In this newsletter:
The Battered Suitcase Summer 2011
New Book Releases
Notice to Book Reviewers and Book Bloggers
Calls for Manuscript Submissions

If you need to be removed from this newsletter, please reply with 'remove' in the header.


The Summer 2011 issue of The Battered Suitcase is now up and free to read online at Also available for download for your Kindle, Nook, Stanza or other eReader and available in print through Lulu.

This issue includes short stories by Kayla Miller, Jonathan Golden, Dorothee Lang, Erin Stagg, Laury A. Egan, W.D. Hall, F. Michael LaRosa, Renee Rod, Ben Drinen, Natalie Campisi, Jason Ehlen, Nathan Knapp, Jennifer Houston, Catherine Sharpe, Adam Gianforcaro, Matt Hoffman, Asha Morrison, Nina Schuyler and Brett Rosenblatt

Summer poetry by A. Gonzaga, Katrin Thompson, Sarah A. Chavez, Peter Branson, Garth Pavell, David Appelbaum, Ry Kincaid, James Valvis, Alexander Motyl, Alice Jerman, Robert Wexelblatt, Christie Isler, Flower Conroy, C.A. McDaniel, Andrea Spofford, Michael Lee Johnson, Christina Del Canto and Wynne Huddleston

Narrative Non-Fiction by Dante Convis, Sarah Rae, Kara Carlson, Gemma Scotcher and Gayle Francis Moffet

Artwork by Raja Krishnan, Alison Johnson, Daria Besedina, Mark Burchard

The Summer 2011 issue is chock full of humor, so stop by soon!


Our new line of novelettes, novellas, and novels in digital and paperback, full of quirky characters, rife with humor, pointed in new perspectives and narrated with fresh voices and beautiful writing, Vagabondage Press is pleased to present literary fiction and literary quality genre fiction from emerging authors.

You can find our titles on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google eBookstore, iBookstore, Omnilit, Diesel, Sony, and All Romance eBooks.

Now That' I'm Ready to Tell You Everything by GK Wuori
A quirky romp through a single morning, as a group of quite ordinary people try desperately to turn average moments into nutty adventures. From Pushcart Prize winner and Illinois Arts Council Fellow, GK Wuori.

The Tradesman's Entrance by Cameron Vale
Digital Novelette
A laugh-out-loud gay romantic comedy and treatise on class dynamics.

An Animal's Guide to Earthly Salvation
Digital and Paperback Novella
Veternary assistant Jeff Rawlings drops out of graduate school to take a walk on the wild side.

Children by Maggie Clark
Digital Novelette
A deftly woven tapestry of beautiful language, haunting imagery and tension, a thought-provoking work about modern technology and old fears.


Flatrock a collection of poetry by Fran Lock:
"'Fran Lock uses words as tools or sometimes, weapons, to aid her personal journey of inner exploration: a brutal but strangely romantic journey that exults in the power of poetry to unlock imagery in minds and hearts. A fine addition to anyone's poetry collection. ' ~ Joolz Denby

EXPERIENCED: Rock Music Tales of Fact & Fiction

LYROTICA: An anthology of erotic poetry and prose with special guest editor, sex and relationships columnist Rebecca Ammon

The He and She of It by Barry Spacks

... and much, much more!

If you write book reviews or run a book blog, please contact us for a personal reviewer account that will give you access to all of our titles for review. We are also happy to provide incentive giveaways for your readers and interviews and guest post by our authors. Just email [email protected] now to set up your free personal access account.


Vagabondage Press is currently seeking submissions for stand-alone, royalty paying publication for the following 'genres'. We are particularly interested in fiction from diverse perspectives featuring characters from all cultures, ethnicities and orientations.

Magical Realism:
Seeking magical realism tales of 10-18K words for anthology series. Each to be published singly in digital release with a final print collection for release October 2012.

Love Stories / Romances:
Seeking well-written, atypical and quirky love stories of any length 12K-90K. No formulaic romances, please. Happy ending, ambiguous ending, everyone-dies-in-the-end-just-like-Hamlet endings; gay, straight, smutty, sweet, anything goes as long as the writing's top-notch.

Seeking intelligent coming-of-age stories of 12K-90K suitable for the young and emerging adult reader (17-24) and adult readers alike. Edgy and controversial young adult fiction is fine; nothing that talks down or condescends.

Women's Fiction:
Seeking contemporary women's fiction for the 21st century, length 12K-90K, for stand along publication. Particularly interested in multi-cultural and international perspectives.

Seeking well-written horror and paranormal fiction of 12K-90K. Gothic, hauntings, disturbing, nightmare producing or humorous.

Romantic Poetry:
Seeking romantic and passionate poetry for an anthology to be released for Valentine's Day, 2012.

Please see our submissions page

Remember to hook up with us on Facebook for the latest news and thanks again for reading!

The Editors @ Vagabondage Press

Vagabondage Press LLC
New Directions in Art & Literature
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