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**Valentines Sale** Romance novel for 99CENTS/75p for 24 hours only!

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Hi I just wondered if there was any people in here that enjoy purchasing and reviewing books that they have read? If yes then I'd love you to review mine.

My book is called PRETEND and is $2.99 on amazon, just click the photo below for the link, thanks:)

Also if anyone else is looking for their book to be reviewed then please post in here :)
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You would probably have more luck asking that during a free day hehe  = )
Sharlay --------------------

Welcome to KindleBoards, and congratulations on the book! :)

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Tensejim said:
You would probably have more luck asking that during a free day hehe = )
lol you're probably right :)
I have had my book out for two weeks now, today is the first day of my second free promo and I STILL dont have any ratings or reviews!!!  I guess it could be worse though, I could get a bad review and a one star rating.  Less is more?
As a special valentines sale my YA Romance Novel will be available for 99cents/75p for 24 hours only!


Sometimes pretend isn't the best game to play especially when you're pretending with your best friend's brother...

When April finds out that her boyfriend - of 18 months - has been cheating on her, with her worst enemy, she is heartbroken.

Six weeks later, and after a long and depressing summer break, April is ready to move on with her life and face the world again. After finally giving in to her best friend's pleas to attend her sixteenth birthday party, she is more than surprised when her ex shows up with his new girlfriend. Six weeks of hiding and she is finally face to face with her worst nightmare and does the first thing that comes to mind...

She lies

In a desperate attempt to prove that she is over him, she pretends to be at the party with her new boyfriend, but there's only one problem...

She doesn't have one

Seeing April's dilemma, her best friend's brother, Aiden steps in and plays the role of her new "boyfriend" for the night, saving her from any further humiliation.

But what happens when, what started out as a simple act turns out to be a little more real than either April or Aiden realised? Forced to pretend that she has no feelings for her best friend's brother and fighting off the sudden interest, of her now jealous ex, who she is still struggling to get over, April is thrown into an emotional roller-coaster of no return... link: link:


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