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Venturing Into Romance: A Nervous YA Author's Plea For Advice

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I posted this question in reply to another post, but I kinda feel like I need my own to really try to pick some of y'all's brains.  I have self-pubbed five YA books under my own name, but am about to publish my first Adult Romance under a pen name.  I didn't want those worlds to cross, and I've read that it's apparently pretty easy to do on Amazon as far as the business side goes, but how do you publish when you can't tap into your existing fan base?  Will I need to create a new Facebook page/Twitter account, etc and then won't that seem a little sad..what with having NO followers yet? 

I've signed up for a book tour so I believe that will help, but they want all of that social media hook up to include in the tour and I'm just not sure how to keep the two separate while still using what I've built...if that makes sense.

So those who publish under their own and pen names, how do you promote your books?
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I haven't ventured into the pen name thing yet, partially because what you're talking about. I've worked hard to get the Facebook followers and mailing list signups.

What I would do, since you're essentially looking for "social proof," is sign up for one of those Facebook things where they promote your page. The good news with that is you can get signups quickly, so your Facebook page doesn't look so sad (I know what you mean by sad Facebook page, btw. I felt the same way when I had just a few followers). The bad news is that I heard somewhere that these Facebook page promos are pretty much bots from different countries. In other words, you won't get engagement from these "followers." And then, when you run an ad to the "followers," you'll be paying good money to send the ad to bots.

That's the downside to doing that. But, then again, it might just be rumors that these new followers are bots and not real. Who really knows the actual story?

The other thing you can do is targeted advertising on Facebook, to try to (more slowly) get actual followers for your page. You can choose the demographic and the interests of the Facebook population you're targeting.

Good luck - I know it's scary trying something new, but it might be really rewarding, too. And lots of writers on this board have numerous pen names, so it can work. :)
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I actually tried that "post boost" with my YA.  I don't know what good it did, but I suppose it never hurts to try.  Thanks for the advice!
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