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Vietnam War Books - Here are some new ones

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There are two new books out about the history of the Vietnam War, "Tales of Ramasun" and "Tales of Ramasun II". If you are interested in era be sure to check them out.

Now available on Amazon and Barnes-Noble as either ebook or paperback along with its newly released sequel Tales of Ramasun II. Also available from the author at You can find descriptions of both books on line. This is what some readers and reviewers thought about them.

Tales of Ramasun

Set in Thailand during the Vietnam War Tales of Ramasun chronicles the lives of 'lingies' and 'dittyboppers' assigned to a signals intelligence listening post called Ramasun Station. M. H. Burton does a wonderful job of recreating the sights, sounds and feel of the period, including the perennial conflict between the junior enlisted and those few officers assigned to the remote outpost. The adventures of the intrepid soldiers as they try to find humor in trying circumstances will leave you smiling. Those who have an interest in military intelligence and soldier stories from the Vietnam era will enjoy this book.

Reviewed by Ed Cox (2012) MWSA Military Writers Society of American

Some Customer Reviews from Amazon

A Precious Walk Down Memory Lane I enjoyed every page of this book. I was there in Thailand at the times the author tells about and could relate very well. Some of the characters in his history sounded mighty familiar to me, to say the least. It's been many years since I was stationed at Ramasun Station and ran HUMINT activities into Laos while my "day job" was a part of the S-2 section charged with security of the place. Specialist Seven "Decker" was well known, to say the least, and about him I can say no more. For those interested in the history of US Intelligence operations in the little part of Thailand where Ramasun was located, this book must be on your reading list. D. Mann "Study History…Know the Future"

Memories and New Tales Tales of Ramasun is full of wonderful stories, some more believable than others. I spent several months of TDY (Temporary Duty) at Ramasun Station as an Army electronics specialist and I'm grateful to Mr. Burton for filling in some of the holes in my understanding of the mission. Great job on what was, for this reader anyway, a real page turner!

Little known part of the Vietnam War portrayed This is the only book I have seen that tells part of the history of Ramasun Station. I was there at the time and can say that this story is a realistic portrayal of life there. James A. Collins
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