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Hey all,

I am delighted to introduce my new book Vikram's Quest for Illumination: The First Spiritual-Spy Thriller.

Here is a short synopsis of the book:

Vikram, a former intelligence agent who worked in Afghanistan, is on a journey to attain spiritual illumination. But he encounters opposition from a wicked religious organisation that seeks to create unrest in the country. Fr. Johnson, the organisation's head, and his cunning deputy, Paul Raj, smother all opposition without any mercy. Will Vikram, with his counter-terrorism skills, overpower Fr. Johnson and his gang? Or will he renounce violence and embark on his spiritual journey?

The book is the first spiritual-spy thriller, a new genre and a first of its kind. Ride with Vikram to find out his struggle for spiritual enlightenment and his external challenge from an evil religious order.

Get a copy on Amazon now!

Have a great day!

With warm regards,
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