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It's listed as the Featured Daily Daily for Baltimore today, but it's an online deal so it really doesn't matter where you buy it. (I checked my local deals, and they're featuring other things today.)

Anyway, $70 worth of Vistaprint goodness for just $17. Combine this with the slowest shipping and you'll be able to get a TON of promotional items for dirt cheap. Back in December I used a Groupon and got 50 custom photo Christmas cards, 6 photo magnets, and 400 bookmarks (100 of the extra large postcards + a paper cutter) for around $18 (just the cost of shipping, since I'd actually bought the Groupon with Groupon Bucks, so that part was free).

Disclosure, if you're new to Groupon and you use this referral code, then I'll earn Groupon Bucks.
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