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Waiting For My First Cover

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Very excited!

After pondering for some time which way to go when it came to a cover design, a recent Sterling and Stone blog finally made my mind up. I've tossed a brief up on 99 Designs and I'm itching to see what they come up with..! Hopefully there'll be a few I like, but obviously that's the risk you take. Well, I say risk, seems like you don't pay if no one creates anything you want to use. Which is good.

Anyway, this isn't supposed to be an advert, just really excited that I may soon have a front cover for my first novel!

Anyone else used 99 before? How was the experience for you??

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A lot of noise has been made about 99 Designs recently. And I won't add to it about the virtues and vices of the platform itself. However there is some information I think it's valuable for authors to know: Recently the service has add an agreement that stipulates that all followup work gained from a contest must be done through the sites 1-1 platform, which means that 99 Designs will take 10% of every following transaction. That charge is added on the clients end NOT the designers. So just FYI if you're thinking of using 99 Designs to find designers, you'll be paying an extra 10% for the next two years on all of your design work.
Hey, thanks for the info!

It's been interesting so far, lots of designs, some really good, some less so. But I know I'll have a cover I really like by the end.
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