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Was this one star review helpful to you?

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I love the review that complains about the movie version.
My favourite is the last review "this author would be the kind of person who, if you took a college writing workshop with her, would tell you that your characters were flat when actually it was her characters who were flat, and she’d probably also flirt with your boyfriend at the Sigma Chi winter formal".

Hilariously specific. Although possibly not if it is your book being reviewed  ;)
I love the one complaining about grammar and errors. Lol'd IRL for that one :)
"I am an asbestos inspector. As such, I’d expect a novel about an asbestos inspector to get the facts right. And for 345 out of 346 pages it did. But on page 273 was this glaring error: Jake gets paid $2,300 to inspect an office building for asbestos. In 2013, when this novel is set, I was charging $2,450 for an identical inspection. That’s a $150 difference. This book does not reflect my personal experience, and thus I can’t, in good conscience, recommend it."

Hilarious, this one :D

And not a single one of those reviews there was written by somebody not hellbent on trolling. This is why I report 1 star reviews to Amazon so often. They bring the 4chan where it doesn't belong.
I laughed, I cried, I decided their reviews not only helped but could help themselves out the door. LOL

(*Sobs because there really are people out there writing these kinds of reviews. Oh, the humanities!*)
locking while under discussion in the smoke filled rooms . . . .
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
Not open for further replies.