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Week... wait, where are we?

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Hi guys. Sorry, the holidays were much more busy than I anticipated (and we got SNOW so I've been outside quite a bit enjoying it) so I am woefully behind in this book. But I do plan on finishing the last few chapters, and I will post my comments here when I do so. Anyone, feel free to jump it, start new threads if you want, and comment in any way you like on the last few chapters.
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Yeah. . . . .I don't know either.  At least as far as discussion -- I have still been reading.  I'm in the chapter about Climate, which is chapter 12 of 13 I think. . . . which is 54% of the whole book. . . .but there is a LOT of end matter. . . .

It's been interesting reading. . . . . .
I finished it last week.  It only has 13 chapters so it's a lot shorter than it appears.  Overall I thought it was a really good book.  I was glad I had some statistics classes in college to give me some background knowledge but I thought he did a good job at making the knowledge accessible.
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