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I don't know why this has been on my mind lately, but two books I read in my youth have been coming up in my thoughts. Both have the weirdest premise I've ever read.

The first was a book called "Prune" by Ramon Royal Ross. The hero of this book is a prune. His journey begins in an ordinary way: he is picked, packed in a box with the rest of the crop, and carried off to the packing shed. But along the way, his life takes an unexpected turn. When his crate tips over, Prune meets Pica, a magpie. As they travel together, they meet Muskrat. The three soon become friends and begin an epic quest that will teach them much about loyalty, adventure, and courage.

The second book with the weirdest premise is one I cannot recall neither the title nor the author. Basically, a zoologist (scientist?) couple almost lose their only child in a terrible accident. The only way the teen can survive is to implant her brain into the body of a chimpanzee (the couple either run/study or are somehow involved with a chimp sanctuary). Since they cannot bear to lose their daughter, they decide to go ahead with the surgery. Now it becomes a waiting game to see who will emerge - will their daughter be able to overcome the instinctual nature of the chimp's body? Or will nature overcome her brain?

Now it's your turn. What really strange, weird books have you read that you cannot seem to forget?
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