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Weird symbols on KDP earnings report.

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So, most of my report looked fine when I downloaded and opened it.  Under the KOLL box for my borrows of Vampire's Eve everything looks fine until the last box which just has ###### instead of a value.  These symbols are also in the total earnings box instead of the earnings figure.  Anyone ever had this issue before?  I contacted KDP but I'm sure they will take a while to respond. 

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Panic not. This comes up literally every month.

It means the contents of that "box" are too large to display. Widen it a bit and you'll be, hopefully, pleasantly surprised. :)
Wow, thanks alot!  I was afraid it was some sort of mistake.  Shows how little I know about Excel.
Don't feel lonesome. This question comes up every month. It really should be pinned.  ;)

Those ### are a happy thing to see. It means your sales are significant enough that Excel just can't handle the awesomeness anymore. It's a badge of honor!  ;D
I'll never look at the # symbol the same way again!  :D
Why Amazon doesn't fix that column so that it is at least 3 more character wise I'll never know. Perhaps it is just to keep their customer service busy with tech emails. :)
I had the same thing, Jez, and was about to post here and ask - but then my boyfriend said to widen the columns. He works on excel in his job. (Strangely enough, I learned excel at an advanced level in the past, but never came across the hash symbols.)
When I saw "weird symbols" I immediately thought Amazon had been adding some magic into their algorithms.

I still think that might be the case.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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