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Weird US/UK sales phenomenon

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Has anyone else experienced this?

At the beginning of 2012, my sales in the UK [where I live] were minimal, but throughout the year, my Kindle UK sales gradually increased, and by December I ended up selling twice as many books in the UK each day or month than in I did in the US. Though Jan 2013 was dismal at both outlets, the ratio remained the same.

But overnight, as Jan turned into Feb, the ratio has completely flipped! My UK sales, such as they were, have virtually collapsed, while my US sales for 1st Feb remained at the same level.

Am hoping this is just a blip... but it's very weird, happening overnight like that. Could it be because the UK tags have now been discontinued, just as the US ones have?
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I too live and write here in the UK and have a similar tale to tell. I only published my first book last month and found that my downloads were 402 in UK vs 203 in US with odd 2's and 3's in Germany and Canada.
My work is set in the North of England and therefore is probably parochial. Also the use of terms/language is also very 'English' so I'm not too surprised.
As for your flip, I have found that since the tag removal my sales have slowed considerably. I have no way of knowing if this is coincidence or not. 
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