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Well, I'll keep you posted, but let's see how this goes . . .

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As some of y'all may know I self-published the first three volumes of my Black Knight Chronicles from 2010-2011, with pretty good results. Nearly 40,000 units sold, and I quit my day job back in March to try this writing thing full time.

Note to all - if you have a job that provides free health insurance and you live in the US, think long and hard before giving that up. I wish I'd thought a little longer. But I digress.

Last September (2011) I sold my Black Knight Chronicles to Bell Bridge Books, a small press out of Memphis, TN. They aren't giving me Amanda Hocking money, or H.P. Mallory money, but I likened working with them to paying tuition for a Creative Writing MFA. And I was pretty much right - the people I've worked with are amazing, and I've learned a TON about the craft of writing and about editing my work, and it's made me a better writer overall. Plus I'm still free to self-publish other properties (see: Bubba the Monster Hunter).

So my editors and I spent a large portion of 2011 blowing up the books and rewriting them. As a result they are significantly improved, with new covers, even more proofreading, and months of developmental, line and copy editing. Bell Bridge released an omnibus edition of the three books this fall, and is now preparing to release their editions of the first three books.

Everywhere but Amazon.

Because I still have the rights to sell those ebooks on Amazon. So last night I uploaded the new editions, with the new covers, listed them as "Author's Preferred Edition," and matched the $7.99 price point that my publisher is putting the books at on Barnes & Noble, Apple and everywhere else.

I'm a little nervous, to be honest, but I trust them to know how to sell books. They've got a good track record, including some books by good friends of mine that have done very well. But I don't know how well a $7.99 ebook is going to do for me. But we'll see, and I promise to keep y'all posted if you're interested.
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I find it very interesting that they let you keep the rights for the KDP version.
Just to be clear, I only kept the KDP rights to books 1-3. They have all the rights to books 4-6. Then we talk about a new contract if we want to keep the series going, but I certainly don't see moving away from them. I kept the rights for 1-3 because at the time it was my mortgage payment and I need to keep that flowing monthly. They were very reasonable to work with, and awesome folks all around.
I think you will do just fine.  Also that is generous of them to let you use the new covers and edited work on Amazon.  Kinda like a publisher saying they will distribute to Target, Shopko, and K-mart and you get everything from Barnes and Noble, Costco, and Walmart.

Even if 1-3 were your bread and butter, I'm surprised they didn't try to advance you out.
Daniel P Robertson said:

I find it very interesting that they let you keep the rights for the KDP version.
I know! That's fantastic that you were able to keep those rights. Good luck, and I'm sure you'll do great!
Love your writing, John. Read Black Magic Woman a few weeks ago.

I'm sure they'll do awesome!
It all sounds great! Good luck to you!  :)
I sure like to hear about these print-only deals, in any format! Congrats!!
Wow... that's very encouraging. Good on ya!
Good Luck with this  :). I'm sure it will go fine. Please keep us posted with regular updates.
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