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What do you guys like and don't like about Storyist?

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Hi. I'm trying to find out what people like and don't like about storyist. Will it let me rearrange chapters (i.e. write non-linearly)? I know it's missing a lot of things Scrivener has, but for writing, I wonder if I will need those missing things.
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never used it..
But for planning I like
Contour for windows and Dramatica Pro
For writing I don't mind:

I use Scrivener and Word 2010 or 2013

What I love... None they all have something that bothers me.. So I'm always looking for that perfect for me software..:)
I use it, and it's clean style and simple features make it a great tool for me.

What I wish it supported?

Import/Export of CSS for different styles.

You can define styles for different types of writing, but when you export to ePUB they go away.  Export to RTF preserves things so you can bring them back in Word, but I would prefer an export to ePUB function.

I keep character sheets on all my characters as well as notes and outline point. Having all that nearly organized in the application is very nice.

Being able to write on my Mac or my iPad with transparent syncing is also important to me.

I can also handle a very large manuscript, no problem. One of my books is 270,000 words, and when I want to test the ability of any writing app to handle a large book I just load that and try to edit...
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I use it, and it works for my needs. I don't do anything fancy, though. Not sure why I bought it, really. I was new to the self-publishing game and just bought the first Mac eBook program I came across. Now I don't want to switch because I'm use to it. Published 26 books with it.
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