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What Have You Flushed Down Your Toilet Lately? (Not Gross)

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Don't worry, this isn't a bathroom humor thread. I just accidentally knocked my toilet paper holder (do those things have an actual name?) down my toilet. Since the toilet was in the process of flushing while I was trying to change out the roll, the thing got flushed away. Who knew the pipes could swallow something that big? I didn't. Anyway, this begs the question: what unusual stuff have you flushed down your toilet lately?

My list is short:

*Toilet paper holder
*New cell phone

Better still, what strange things have you found in your toilet?


A live frog. I guess he swam through the pipes or something because he reappeared several different times. Maybe he just liked having his own private pool.
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DH flushed a bar of soap.. it got stuck.. flooded bathroom... he had to pull up the toilet and remove the soap.
OK, lecture from the Public Utilities employee...  Please, please, please do NOT flush those goshdarn SWIFFERS down your toilet!!  Clogs up the sewer system something terrible.  You wouldn't believe how many people do that and flush disposable diapers (they think they can be disposed of in the toilet).  Unfortunately, I had to go out to a sewer pump station with the crew (on another assignment) and watch them have to pull a sewer pump that had Swifters all entwined around the pump...  Gross.
I actually can't think of anything, but you have had enough things happen to you for all of us!  The frog story is amazing.  I would scream if I found a frog in my toilet.  I've never heard of such a thing.  
I flushed an earclip of my Mom's when I was about two or three. Luckily it wasn't particularly valuable or anything.

I also threw a sock into the toilet once. I had wanted to throw it into the laundry basket, which is in the bathroom as well, and something distracted me and so the sock landed in the toilet instead. At least I noticed my mistake before I could flush the toilet. 
I once accidentally flushed a micro-fiber cloth I was using to clean the banisters and woodwork around the house.  I was trying to empty out a bucket and forgot it was in the water and it went right down.  I freaked, but the toilet has been no worse for wear.
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