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What is a good category name for "unspecified evil"?

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I'm working on my Parnormal Indies site tonight. I've got quite a few categories under the readers section.

I've found some wonderful books I'd love to promote, but the horror or evil in them isn't specified. I don't know where to put them and it may be that it is supposed to be a surprise for the reader, in which case, I wouldn't want to give anything away.

So I'm going to need a new category but am looking for a good name for it. I don't want to put down "misc. evil" or "unknown horror" or anything like that. Have you guys got any good ideas for me? You can take a look at the categories I have if that helps...look under Reader's Site Map:

As always, thank you for your help. :)
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Oooh...I like that one.  Thank you! 

Your books look really scary...I will be happy to include the ones I can. 

Thanks so much for answering my question.  :)
Forgive me, but this is too good to pass up.

Unknown horror?
Unspecified evil?
milquetoast malevolence?
Vague violence?


D*mn, I ran out. I wanted to do, like, stuttering silence or something, but that didn't seem quite on the level.

(in all seriousness, I think unknown horror is both descriptive and an actual genre, so you might as well go with that)
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LOL...I like milquetoast malevolence.  I may have that put on a bumper sticker.
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