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Even though Kindleboards was started in November 2007, it didn't become active until about a year later when I persuaded about 200 of my "close friends" to join me here. I was very active on the Amazon forum from the time I ordered my Kindle in April 2008. I still post there occasionally and answer questions in the FAQ, which I started. It is an active board with lots of friendly people and helpful information. I think the frustrating thing is the fact that there are no moderators so that when discussions get out of hand, the group is forced to self-police, which is tough. There is also no search function which makes for lots of repetition of questions and comments. Frustration seems to be particularly high right now because Amazon merged 7 different Kindle discussion boards into one -- I have noticed that tempers are even a little more frayed than usual "over there."

The big difference here, as Libby noted, is that we do have moderators and we do keep a close eye on things. We move and merge topics to keep things organized. We will, when necessary, delete posts although we prefer not to and see that as an action of last resort.

As for criticizing "the other side"--well, we try to keep that to a minimum, too. The Internet is a big place and people have lots of choices where to spend their time. We work hard to make this a friendly, useful, and fun place and hope that people will come back again and again. I think a board based on negativity and complaining about other boards is not going to be successful. But, if someone does make a pointed or critical comment about another board, we are not going to immediately jump in and moderate that. We like to let conversations evolve and follow their natural course, as much as possible. It's a balancing act and hopefully we get it right, at least most of the time.

Harvey, me, and the rest of the mods are always open to comments and feedback, to let us know how we're doing and what you'd like to see here at KindleBoards. Please feel free to PM us at any time.

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