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What Next? The Millennial's Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Real World, by Michael Price
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111 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 11 reviews

"If you're a Millennial wondering 'what next' in your life, this book is for you. Michael Price has been there and done that, and offers his advice in a no-nonsense style readers will love." -- Barbara Corcoran, Star of ABC's Shark Tank

"In an era of new technology, a new economy, and new opportunities, Michael Price shows us what it takes to create a life of meaning as part of a Millennial generation that is ready to make a huge positive impact on the world." -- Ryan Allis, Co-founder of iContact | CEO of Connect.com

"Are you a Millennial? Confused about life? This book is your answer." -- Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy

Secrets for Success in the Real World FINALLY Revealed!

What Next? takes Millennial's through high school, college, Corporate America, personal finance and beyond, and gives the reader insight to take on the world with ease and confidence with step-by-step skills and life lessons.

This book has been designed for both Millennials and parents of Millennials to create a dialogue about the complexities of the real world and how to navigate the unique challenges Generation Y face today.

- How to use the Internet for continuing education, networking, building a business, and turning your passion into profit

- Four tactics to begin in high school/college that will drastically increase your job prospects and increase your salary

- How to decide if college is right for you, the true value of college, and how to effectively fund your college education

- How and why you must build a personal brand

- How to survive and thrive in Corporate America

- How to escape Corporate America and pursue your passion

- Personal finance fundamentals

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Meet the Author

Michael Price is the voice of a new generation. After spending nine years building businesses and developing strategy, initiation, and execution of online marketing campaigns for some of the biggest businesses in their industries including the iconic FINA Oil and Gas Brand, Verizon, and BBVA Compass Bank, Michael has experienced success many people twice his age often only dream of. His unique perspective as a young, successful employee, entrepreneur, and Millennial gives him insight into the Real World that Generation Y desperately needs to hear. His lessons of life, hard work, determination, and perspiration are awe-inspiring.