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Hello everyone, and welcome to my thread about What Price Honour. What Price honour is a 408 page (print pages) sci-fi novel set in the future. Earth has colonised many planets and is now the capital of the Human Alliance of Worlds, an organisation created in desperate times to fend off the murderously vicious Merkiaari. The story begins on a border world called Thurston hundreds of years after the last alien incursion, where Gina Fuentez and her platoon of Alliance Marines are on a mission to extract an undercover operative from terrorist camp.

Below you will find the amazon page description, and I have added a short excerpt from within the book as well. In future posts I will add a random excerpt :) To avoid spoiling the story for you, these will be very short and not in any particular logical order.

About What Price Honour (Merkiaari Wars): military sci-fi

What price honour... Humanity's last encounter with aliens saw six point two billion people killed in a war with the Merkiaari that had spanned decades. Only by the grace of God and the use of nanotechnology were they defeated. The result of that nanotech? Vipers, a regiment of super soldiers tasked with protecting the Alliance and annihilating the Merki. It was a job they performed with distinction, a job they completed almost two centuries ago. A job that had cost them their humanity.

Thurston is an unimportant border world with a problem, a Marine type problem. Not the sort of place Gunnery Sergeant Gina Fuentez expected to find one of the fabled Viper cyborgs, but that's just what she discovers when a simple mission to extract an operative from a terrorist camp leads to a firefight and two of her squad dead. With friends dying around her and a world coming apart at the seams, Gina must decide if the Marine Corps is really her home, or just a stopping place to where she really belongs.

I hope you enjoy the following excerpt :)

### cut and paste from What Price Honour by mark e. cooper ###

"Zack!" Gina screamed over the noise but he didn't hear her. He didn't seem to know that he was dying.

She fired another burst over the top of the trench. She jacked a grenade and fired it. Then again and again until the launcher locked open on an empty chamber. She didn't have time to reload. She reached Zach and grabbed him. In a blur of speed, he rounded on her still chanting his prayer, and pulled the trigger. She froze. The barrel of his weapon looked like a howitzer in that moment. He fired again and she realised she was still alive. Unbelievably, he was out of ammo.

### end of excerpt ###

I hope you liked the above, I'll post another small excerpt in T minus 7 days :)

Mark E. Cooper

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Welcome to KindleBoards, Mark, and congratulations on your book!

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