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Next time you contact, offer to do a guest blog post. Take a moment to look at the blog and see what they do, and come up with something you can offer that will fit their readership. When you ask a blogger to feature your book you are asking them to do work. Most bloggers do NOT make very much on affiliates. But, if you will write them a piece about how wonderful YA is to you, or "Hey I'm Claudette Cruz and here are my Top 5 YA titles that I love to read again and again!" and then your new book is announced at the bottom.

I worked as a book blogger for years. Every author always wants us to feature them, but the queries we always answered were the ones who offered to help us too. There's no shortage of books to feature, but there IS a shortage of authors who genuinely want to do you help me I help you.

Another way to get noticed as a "nice author" is to take 5 minutes a day and share or comment on the FB pages or blogs of these blogs. That also goes a super long way to building a relaitonship. Do it right, and you can build a list of bloggers that will give you VIP treatment everytime you release with a feature.
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