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i am applying for a job online and these are some of the questions whose presence i don't understand:
-Do you talk a lot?
-Do you like being in the middle of a big crowd?
-There's no use having close friends, they only let you down
-Do you love to listen to people talk about themselves?
-Many people cannot be trusted?
-It's fun to go out to events with big crowds
-You are not interested in your friend's problems?
-People do a lot of annoying things?
-It is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free
-you don't believe a lot of things people say?
-You don't act polite when you don't want to? (i don't understand what they met, esp. with the double negative. Trick question?)
-You've done your share of troublemaking?
-You try to feel what people are thinking and feeling?

It may that they want to minimize the number of interview they have to do by asking these question, but answering with the options: agree, strongly disagree, disagree, or strongly disagree...doesn't do much to display a person's character as much as interview would. This would be one of the downsides of online applications.
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