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What Twitter tags do you use?

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What self publishing/writing tags do you use on Twitter?  I've run across a few, but thought it might be a good idea to build a complete list.

Here's what I've seen so far:

#BYNR (Book Your Next Read)
#fantasy (or other genre)
#ASMSG (Authors' Social Media Support Group)

Any other good ones out there?

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#ChickLitChat (readers and writers, 8pm EST Thursdays)
#RWA (even tho I'm not a member, interesting things float across there)
#bookgiveaway and #freebook and #freekindle
I definitely use #amwriting and #amreading as well as #YALit
Several months ago, I published two very successful posts (a lot of people look at them--who would've guessed! :eek:) on my blog precisely about Twitter hashtags for writers.

Here are the links:

30 Twitter Hashtags for Writers

40 More Twitter Hashtags for Writers

And here's my latest post about Twitter:

Three Tips for Tweeps

I'm sure the lists will be useful! Each hashtag is also a link, so you can click on them and see what people are saying right now.
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