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What was the best day in your life? Hugh Howey ("Wool") already shared his two!

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I have three that pretty much top it:
- my baby being born
- my wedding
- my book launch (the physical one, in Portugal)

Regarding the 1st one, here's what I recently wrote when he turned 9 months!

"Now that you're in the world for as long as you were inside me, I feel like swallowing you so that we can become one again. But then I stop being selfish and become immensely happy for being able to share you. Because the world needs sweet and precious things. And because with you the world becomes, infinitely and unquestionably, a better place."

I'm posting this question here too after placing it the Writer's Cafe area.

One of the many authors that commented was the best selling author Hugh Howey ("Wool"). I'm sure he won't mind if I share his two best here:

"Best day: Jumping into the ocean with a pod of whales and a school of dolphin with a girl I'd been dating for three weeks (and now going on 11 years).

Second best day: While marooned on a primitive island in the middle of the Caribbean (and having won over the locals by volunteering to haul fish traps with them at 5 in the morning a few days a week), I was asked to serve as ballast on the weekly sailboat races between competing families among Isla de Providencia. The boat we were going up against hadn't lost in years. The boat I was in was brand-spanking-new (not that it looked like it. These were beach-built craft with soaring masts and leaking keels). I did absolutely nothing during the race but sit on the correct side of the boat. The skipper made a risky decision early on in the race, and it led to us winning by a nose. The entire island (arranged on the government dock) dove into the water to celebrate. We stood on a sandbar and somehow waved a mast that weighed a metric ton like it was a flag at a parade. The boat was subsequently named "The Lucky ******." I later found out I was the first white person to participate in one of these weekly races that went back decades. It was an honor and a thrill, and again: all I had to do was sit there and grin like an idiot."
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we ask that people don't crosspost--the appropriate place for this thread, since you're including your book's publication, IS the Writers' Café.  Since there's a thread there already,  I'm going to lock this thread.

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