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...getting one from a total stranger! :p

Yesss tonight I logged onto Goodreads to see that somebody had rated Daisuki (four stars, yay!) And not just anybody! A TOTAL STRANGER! And not just any stranger! They're not even a friend of a friend (because my friends were awesome and recommended my series to THEIR friends who became fans). In fact, nobody knows this person! Hooray!

While I am very thankful that I have some amazing reader-friends who have gone out of their way to be my street team and get the word out, thus far all the comments online have been either from people I know or people they know. But not anymore! I feel like I've reached a super cool milestone. Maybe because I have. :D

Of course, I realize some people's first rating was from a total stranger, so the excitement isn't the same. But I'ma take this as an early Christmas present and use it as fuel to keep me working through the new year.

Now I can't wait for the scathing reviews and one stars from total strangers!
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