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What's the first thing you bought with your big fat author earnings? ;)

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Just curious. :)

I made a special account for book earnings, so they wouldn't disappear into the slush fund. I haven't had any extra money yet, because I keep putting out new ebooks (which need editing, cover art, etc.) and I'm plunking down a small fortune (by my standards anyway!) to have my novels turned into podiobooks by some talented folks who specialize in that, but I may actually have some throwaway income by the end of the summer... I could be practical and pay some bills, but I'm leaning more toward an iPad or something "just for fun."

Anybody else doing the same?

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Paid off the guy who does my covers, Jeroen ten Berge.
I have a separate bank account the book earnings go into, but I've never plunked out big chunks for the things you have. And I never bought any particular thing with the earnings but did increase my standard of living from one step away from food stamps to normal. Right now I'm letting extra pile up in the account because I need a new furnace before next fall.
What is this earnings thing I hear spoken of? ;)

When I get the first lot it'll probably go into the usual paying of bills.

I do need to replace the computer at some stage - and the car - but that will take quite a few thousand sales to do.
But...the very first thing I bought: a bottle of very good red wine!
A 2009 MacBook Pro, but new for all intents and purposes---still in the box--with a huge U of A discount on Tax Free Day.  I may have finally been able to buy a Mac, but I was still frugal about it.  

...The bottle of red sounds good.
My goal is completely impractical and expensive. When I really have a nice windfall, I'm going to spend the night at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago (I live in the burbs, so that's not far, but I'm thinking small windfall) and go buy a Louis Vuitton purse.

Most likely I'll end up paying off the credit card. hehehehehe. But if I get Amanda Hocking money, I'm SO getting that purse! :D
Nothing yet, since I've only recently posted my first 2 ebooks.  But I really need a new computer, and to pay bills.  Lots of bills.   ::)
My first check was 35 bucks. We went and had ice cream at Braums.
GoblinWriter said:
I could be practical and pay some bills, but I'm leaning more toward an iPad or something "just for fun."

Anybody else doing the same?
The ipad was the very first thing I bought when the money started to come in. I've since bought a new HP Touch computer and a xoom. I love gadgets, did you spot that. lol

Half-Orc said:
My first check was 35 bucks. We went and had ice cream at Braums.
Okay, I'm almost afraid to ask what you bought last. (When we last left our hero, I think a car was involved.)
First, I bought a Kindle.  Then, when I got a big check, I was finally able to move out of the crappy apartment I was stuck living in for the past six years and move back to where I wanted to be, closer to my family and friends.  Moving is really expensive!  I also paid off all my credit card debts and plan to keep them paid off from now on.  Next, I'm planning to buy a new pair of shoes for my feet, and a deluxe four-slice toaster so I can make toast in half the time.
I bought an annual membership to L.A.Fitness to work off that mushy butt I've been growing lately by sitting in front of the computer and write. Boy, the price was a killer. It worth it though, because they have a fantastic childcare, so I get to work out, clear my mind, meet fantastic people and take home two exhausted children who are ready for bed. I highly recommended it to everybody!!!
When I first received a check over $100 I gave it right back to Amazon and bought a Kindle. 

@ J. Carson Black

You have to take the MacBookPro out of "the box." I can't do without mine... :)
My first royalty payment was about $22 so I got Burger King :p
I donated it to Red Cross.  They needed it more than I did :)
'Dang it' Ben,

Now I feel ashamed...  :-\
We lumped my first check in with the rest of our funds and paid bills. :p

I bought a couple of subscriptions to magazines that might help me in my writing. And became a member of some organisations that might do the same. And books. Lots of books. I also paid for some cover design. Now I need a website.
Send it to Compassion to support my sponsored child.  I didn't want Ben to get lonely as the only martyr on this thread.

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