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Ann in Arlington said:
When I feel like every book is the same. Sometimes that's 2 books in. Sometimes it's 20 books in. Sometimes it never happens.

If I'm reading them at a sprint -- one right after the other, I'm more likely to get overloaded and stop with it entirely. So I've learned to space out the books.
The above are pretty accurate for me. I abandoned several of Harry Turtledove's alternate history series that I had been thoroughly enjoying, but got tired of. Now I seldom even check out his new novels, even though he used to be one of my Go-To authors. For the Honor Harrington series, I was a huge fan till I tried rereading all of them in fairly shore period of time. Probably a mistake. I stopped about halfway through the 8th or 9th book, and have never opened one again. About the same time I stopped, I had bought the just-released new book in the series, and I never have touched it, and I have no clue or interest now about the status of the series. So when I do get turned off, I tend to completely divorce from an author, not just the individual series.
1 - 1 of 89 Posts
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