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Hi writers! Happy to join this community :)

I'd love to help if you're looking for a reliable cover design service for any genre.
Take a look at the portfolio 馃挌 Prices start at $150 馃敟 For Kboarders coupon for 10% discount - KBOARDS10.

MiblArt will design your custom marketable cover with no prepayment - you only pay if love the design :)
Unlimited revisions, source files, licensed pictures and fonts costs, copyrights - all included in the price.

I'll be posting recent cover designs and redesigns, useful info about cover design as well :)

Let's connect and discuss your cover :)
Have a wonderful day!

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First of all, thank you guys for the kind words! I appreciate it and would love to work with you someday :)

Here are all the custom works.

You can see premades here Facebook and message me if you're interested in any of them. Minor changes are included and series continuation possible.

Let me know if you'd like to know more about the service ;)

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Hi dear authors,

If you're looking for a logo for your author brand, I'm here to help :)

Pay only if you love the design, request unlimited revisions, get the source files and copyrights - my goal is to make you happy with the design ;)

Check out the examples and feel free to message me to discuss covers or logo design.

Wishing you all the best,

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Hi author/publisher :)

I know, you've seen lots of cover designers out there. Why should you hire MiblArt?

Reason #1 - Our portfolio has lots of genres and styles and shows high quality.
Reason #2 - We won't charge you anything unless you love the design.
Reason #3 - We won't limit the number of revisions and won't charge extra for them.

If that sounds good, get in touch, and let's discuss your project ;)
I'm always happy to talk on Facebook

Kindest regards,
Julia Rozdobudko

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Hey guys! Great news! I have a promo code to share with you - KBOARDS10 gives you 10% off the custom photo-based cover design :)
MiblArt works with all genres and designs files for any size and platform.
Services and prices:
  • custom cover design from 150 USD
  • marketing graphics from 35 USD
  • interior formatting and design from 50 USD
  • logo and branding from 150 USD
  • animated cover design for a ready cover for 50 USD

Contact me at [email protected] or via the website 馃挌
Here is our portfolio


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Hi guys,
I'd love to show you some recent custom covers by MiblArt 馃挌
Which one do you like more?

Book Publication Poster Font Movie
Organism Poster World Font Movie
Black Flash photography Poster Publication Movie

World Book Insect Poster Font
Poster Font Publication Entertainment Movie
Poster Organism Entertainment Movie Publication

Custom covers for all genres from $150 only ;)
Unlimited revisions, source files, 5 days delivery, no deposit required.
Use coupon KBOARDS10 to get 10% off your first cover 馃挌
Take a look at the portfolio with many genres here :)

Have questions? I'm open to answer or discuss your project at [email protected].

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Happy Tuesday 馃挌
I'm excited to tell you about new services:

鉃 illustrated unique character for your cover and marketing - $200
鉃 ebook cover with illustrated character and photoshopped background - $290

鉃 full wrap cover with illustrated character and photoshopped background - $340
Check out
our new packages :)

Shorts Publication Art Book Advertising
Musical instrument Guitar String instrument String instrument String instrument accessory
Art Poster Font Rectangle Advertising

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Wonderful news - MiblArt offers 20% off custom romance cover design with a promo code ROMANCE20 until the end of July 馃挌
This means you get your ebook cover for $120 instead of $150 or full wrap for $160 instead of $200 馃敟
Here are some examples in our romance portfolio. Which one do you like more?

Black Flash photography Poster Publication Movie
Flash photography Poster Cg artwork Gown Movie
Flash photography Dress One-piece garment Poster Font

Sky Window Flash photography Fashion Publication
Purple Flash photography Poster Violet Font
Cloud People in nature Sky Beard Happy

Arm Leg Flash photography Thigh Poster
Hair Outerwear Black Sleeve Publication
Flash photography Poster Font Tie Movie


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Latest custom book cover designs I must share with you 馃挌
Which ones do you like?
Our artists are available for new commissions of any genre and style :) All covers I posted are $150 for ebook (+$50 for print). No deposit, unlimited revisions, 5 b/d turnaround.
Just message me here or email at [email protected] to discuss ;) I'll be happy to send you more examples of your genre!

Poster Flash photography Font Darkness Electric blue
Natural environment Book Organism Font Poster

Font Darkness Publication Event Book
Flash photography Poster Font Publication Cg artwork

Poster Publication Darkness Movie Electric blue
Poster Flash photography Entertainment Font Fictional character

Poster Cg artwork Fictional character Event Supernatural creature
Book Publication Yellow Font Poster

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Hey guys! How are you doing?
Just a reminder, you can count on MiblArt team for all your cover design needs 馃挌
We specialize in fantasy, sci-fi, romance, thrillers, horrors, non-fiction 馃敟
Check out a few of our recent works 馃憞 More covers in the portfolio. use coupon KBOARDS10 to get a discount on your first order.
Poster Font Book cover Fictional character Illustration
Poster Font Publication Flash photography Darkness
Dress Book Publication Flash photography Happy

Sky Poster Flash photography Moon Happy
Poster Font Hat Book cover Advertising
Poster Entertainment Book Publication Movie

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Let鈥檚 talk about book cover redesign.

: Book cover redesign is necessary only if the original book cover is bad!

Fact: Redesign can work wonders for any cover!

Perhaps your book sales stagnated, the cover design trends have changed, or you simply want to give your book a fresh new look 鈥 All are solid reasons for a redesign.

A proper cover redesign can
  • Improve cover-genre match
  • Achieve a vibe that fits your story better
  • Create more intriguing visuals
  • Make your cover into a catchy thumbnail
Overall, a cover redesign is great for rekindling interest in your book ;)

And here are some examples:

Organism Publication Font Adaptation Art
Sleeve Font Art Cross Rectangle
Photograph Purple Nature Organism People in nature

Product Purple Human body Organism Font
Atmosphere Light World Publication Book
Horse Photograph Ecoregion Vertebrate Light

Yellow Font Rectangle Parallel Electric blue
Publication Organism Font Book Line
Hair Face Brown Head Eye

Look at the professional cover designs in the portfolio 馃挌
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