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Which sells better for you on amazon UK-- ebooks or paperbacks?

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Just curious to see which format sells better for everyone. I'm waiting on the proof of my paperback, so I have no idea how that'll sell over there, but my ebook sales have been sluggish in the UK, despite glowing reviews. I was expecting less sales, simply because their population is a fraction of ours, but I was wondering how everyone else's European sales stack up against the US ones. And what is VAT? The UK site has a disclaimer that says "Unlike print books, digital books are subject to VAT." I'm assuming it's some kind of tax, but does anyone have any more specific info?

Thanks, guys!
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My European print sales on the continent (in Euros rather than pounds) strongly eclipse my UK print sales. But my ebook UK sales eclipse my print UK sales.

However, I seem to have stronger ebook sales to the UK on Kobo than I do on Kindle. So I'd say overall, my ebook sales to the UK are stronger than my print sales to the UK.
E-Books always sell better for me in any region...

I live in the UK, VAT is 20% added onto pretty much everything - if you buy a car - VAT, book - VAT, TV - VAT

Everything apart from most foods has VAT added - welcome to the UK - rip-off central :)

VAT is Value Added Tax (although you don't get much value from it :))
Thanks for the replies! And Ben, that sucks :( Here in Texas the tax is 8.5%, and I thought that was high...
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