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I have two e-books and their WSed audio books from Audible. I read them on my iPad and listen to them on my iPhone.

The iBooks e-book stays in sync. It tells me when another device (my iPhone) has gone beyond the most recent page read. The iPhone audiobook, on the other hand, always starts out where I left off listening, even though I've read well past that place in the e-book.

The Audible book has chapter numbers messed up. The introductory text is labeled Chapter 1 in the TOC. If there's a prologue, that's Chapter 2. Then the real Chapter 1 is listed in the TOC as the next sequential chapter.

I think Audible has some debugging to do.

My books are "The Last Call" by George Wier and "Eden Plague" by David VanDyke.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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