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Who would you cast for Natalie Portman's mother?

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When I write my books, I usually "cast" someone in the role.  I'm thinking about a new book for my Realm of Janos series.  Any ideas who you would cast as Natalie Portman's mother?  It doesn't necessarily have to be someone who is 50-60 now, because I'd be telling their story when they were more in their 20's.

Any thoughts?
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Rayna Corday said:
Kiera Knightley. They're practically clones.
What she said.
And of course, Keira Knightley played Natalie Portman's bodyguard/doubleganger in The Phantom Menace.
Monica Belluci! She has the beauty and grace, with more of an old world feel.
I would cast Helen Mirren for all the roles ever.
Hildred said:
I would cast Helen Mirren for all the roles ever.
Interestingly enough Helen Mirren is the mother of Natalie Portman's guy...
Or, if you're visualizing a character with a sterner, more matronly countenance: Judy Davis or Lena Headley Headey (I'm a cactushead...)
Sigourney Weaver...and she would be the appropiate "mom" age as well.

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Sofia Loren, except she may be too old now.
Thanks everyone!  You've given me some great ideas I hadn't considered.  ;D
Lena Headey (Headley?)

I was going to say Anna Mouglalis, too, but she's only in her 30s.  She'd be more like a sister.
And the great thing about mythical casting is that you can scroll them up or down in age as needed.  Love it!
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